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Simply ... the quest to demystify body language.
The mysterious science of reading body language is explained using down-to-earth explanations and clear images. Body language is a product of both genetic and environmental influences. Blind children know how to smile even though they have never seen one.

Crossing your arms is body language, winking at a girl is body language, scratching your nose when you lie is body language. This often ignored mirror to the truth is plain and simply your body speaking straight from your subconscious. Understanding the mystery of body language means you have to recognise the signals or 'tells' that give away a person's true feelings. This is why this website uses so many images to help you see it for yourself.

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Female Body Language
Lies & Lying
Secrets of Attraction
Female Body Language Liying Tell Secrets of Attraction

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"Just found you on stunbleupon, just want to say what an awesome site it is. Enjoying reading the articles, amazing topics, wicked brain fodder, makes for really interesting and cool conversations."

Ellen Armstrong - USA


"Your section on flirting tips is great - you really 'get' how it all works. So funny too. It should be compulsory reading for all men. Please keep adding new sections"

Jennifer Messer - USA


"Brilliant! I took the 'full' quiz and I'm not as bad at body language as I thought I was. Lies and lying was also really useful as I am a stock buyer and can now double check the trade sellers are telling the truth."

Gordon Robertson - Edinburgh

Online Since 2007

Reading Body language was originally published in 2007.   Since then its pages have been viewed more than two million times.  During this period it has built a reputation for its insights and accuracy. In 2012 it was transferred to its own domain to make it easier to find  in the search engines and to allow it to expand.

  About Us

The goal of our project is to present a well researched resource about all aspects of body language and how to read it. Every person has a unique way of communicating their innermost thoughts and feelings through their physical expressions which are usually more honest than what is actually said verbally.


Beauty Symmetry Shoes and Body Language Facial Expressions
Beauty Symmetry
Shoe language
Facial Expressions

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Body Language Introduction
Lies and Lying
Hand Gestures Part 1
Hand Gestures Part 2
Female Sex Signals Part 1
Female Sex Signals Part 2

Female Shoe Language
Female Foot Posture

Flirting Tips for Women
Flirting Tips for Men (Part 1)

Flirting Tips for Men (Part 2)

Facial Expressions - The Basics

Facial Expressions Part 2

Body Language & Attraction
Ten Body Language Secrets

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