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Understanding our body language is not as difficult as some people would have you believe.  All human beings use it and so actually have a “built-in” ability to recognise and read it. 

Unfortunately, as humans have become increasingly better at “verbal” communication their ability to consciously recognise body language has faded away.

Having a complex spoken language is one of the great evolutionary tricks.  It means that vast amounts of detailed information can be passed from one person to another. 
  body Language - Boy Covering Ears

You may be telling the truth - but I don't want to hear you
because I don't like what your saying. Powerful Body Language

Language allows us to read, write and even think in a certain way. 

As far as we can tell, human beings are the only creatures alive on this planet that truly have this ability.  This incredible skill gave humans the advantage that put-us-on-top and, if measured in evolutionary timescale, it’s brand new. This incredible skill gave humans the advantage that put-us-on-top and, if measured in evolutionary timescale, it’s brand new. 

We’re not saying that animals and other creatures don’t communicate - they definitely do.  However, the way they communicate is much closer to body language than it is to verbal communication.  Not so long ago we human beings were just like them.  Deep inside us this form of communication is still strong but is now more commonly used to emphasize (or contradict) what we say.  An angry man shakes his fist, a depressed girl sits slumped in her chair, and a soldier stands up straight – ready to take on the enemy.  Yes, human body language is alive and well.

"Millions of words have been written about why we have body language and why we do what we so.

For example: Psychologists and psychiatrists believe that when we lie our bodies experience stress so we sweat, when we’re attracted to someone we assume postures we believe others will find attractive. When frightened or aggressive we try and make ourselves look bigger.    These are just a few explanations.

Is the reasoning true?  Well we don’t know, but we do know that they do happen.  People do get itchy lips and noses when they lie.

To demystify body language it is enough to know that it is real and that it works.  We haven’t prepared these web pages to convince you that body language is real – just how to understand this intriguing form communication. "

The secret to “understanding” and demystifying body language is the ability to understand the next eight points

1. Signals or Tells

The body language signals that we or other people use

2. Intensity

How emphatic (strong) are the signals

3. Corroboration and Contradiction

Are all the signals saying the same thing or are they mixed?

4. Clusters

Are we using or seeing many signals for the same thing as this will make the message stronger?

5. Progressions

Are the signals getting stronger or weaker?

6. Contexts

Is the signal being used in the right context?

7. Conditioning (Culture)

How do the signals relate to the cultural environment and are they instinctive or learned?

8. Objectiveness (Seeking and Denial)

Basically seeing things you want to or refusing to see things because you don't

There will be a detailed page on these 8 critical points coming very soon that will provide much more information on how to read body language. Recognizing the signals is just the first step.

"Like an old married couple, the body and the brain
rarely agree to say the same thing".

Paul St. Claire. (1964 - )

All images used are of models that have assumed poses for photographic purposes.
These images in no way imply any negative characteristics about these individuals.


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